The Wounded Healer: Spoken Word & Poetry Pt. 2


Cam Swanson 6/21/21, 20:01:52 PM,, EST

The Wounded Healer appeals to me in many ways,

It’s a metaphor I think can serve my ministry for many days,

How many healers have wounds? 

How many times do we go into patient’s rooms, anticipating we could swoon?

And maybe faint from the pain/can we escape from the strain? 

In a Nutshell, I feel like Alice In Chains, 

Every time I see a patient, Lord, please grant me patience, 

Order my steps, so there’s more peace, and less pacing, 

As I lean into healing from all the trauma I’ve been facing,

My heart’s racing, but I feel the Lord’s presence,

As I make attempts to reflect His Divine Presence,

When patients have cancer, or a quadruple bypass,

Or they’re doing a life review, seeing their memories fly past,

Scenes of yesterday, as they reflect on what could’ve been,Some are filled with remorse, pondering what should’ve been.